3 Ways To Keep Guests Of Your Destination Wedding Happy

8 April 2018
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Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular among today's young couples. However, creating a successful and happy guest experience at a destination wedding is a bit more complicated than having the ceremony and reception in your hometown.

If you've got your heart set on exchanging vows with your beloved in a part of the country that's going to involve travel on the part of everyone on your guest list, there are certain strategies designed to streamline the guest experience for everyone involved. Following are three things that you can do to make sure everyone enjoys your destination wedding. 

1. Designate Primary Communication Strategy 

Keep in mind that older friends and relatives may not be as tuned in to texting on their smartphones or social media accounts as your younger guests. Determine a communication strategy with all guests prior to their arrival at the destination to minimize disorder and confusion. To make sure everyone's included, plan to communicate via group emails or even by old-fashioned telephones concerning important information about times and locations of events such as rehearsal dinners and other group activities. 

2. Provide Customized Transportation 

Most, if not all, guests at a destination wedding may be unfamiliar with the location you've chosen, many will have flown to get there instead of driven, and it may be unrealistic to expect everyone to fend for themselves when it comes to transportation. A good coach bus rental provider can work with you to customize their services in a way that leaves your destination wedding covered from start to finish.

Instead of scrambling for rental cars, arranging rides with others, or worse yet, trying to navigate unfamiliar public transportation systems. Also, most destination weddings involve traveling to stunningly beautiful places, and riding in a coach allows your guests to sit back, relax, and enjoy the cityscapes and scenery. 

Providing a coach for transportation to and from festivities is also an excellent way to circumvent possible unpleasant consequences of anyone driving after indulging in celebratory adult beverages. 

3. Spend Time With All of Your Guests

Keep in mind that your guests are taking time out from their busy schedules as well as spending a significant amount of money on travel expenses to attend your wedding -- and none of them should feel ignored during the course of their stay. The gracious thing to do is to resist the urge to spend most of your time with your close friends and family during this time and make certain that everyone feels like a valued guest whose presence matters to you. 

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