Taking A Budget Family Vacation? Here’s How To Save Money On Travel Expenses

14 April 2016
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Taking a vacation is a great way for your family to get rid of the stresses of everyday life while increasing your bond with one another, which will help to encourage improved communication and relationship management once you all get back home. If you're traveling on a budget, there are a few simple things you can do to save yourself some money on hotel costs, food, and entertainment. Consider implementing these budgeting tips and tricks: Read More 

Charter A Plane And Kayak The Remote South Nahanni River

6 April 2016
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Northern Canada has some of the best rivers to kayak in the world. If you're someone who enjoys rivers that run through unpopulated land with pristine wilderness, then the Yukon and Northern Territories are a perfect place to look. Perhaps the most impressive of all of these Canadian rivers is the South Nahanni. It is the perfect mix of calm water and whitewater. It's also a long river, which makes it perfect for a long, multi-day kayaking trip. Read More 

Three Ways To Get A Free Room Upgrade During Your Next Hotel Visit

3 February 2016
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Whether you're enjoying a romantic anniversary getaway with your spouse or you're travelling for business and would enjoy a little additional space in which to relax at the end of a long day of meetings, you might be fantasizing about upgrading your hotel room without paying extra. Although the hotel's vacancy rate on the night of your stay will play a role in your ability to get a complimentary room upgrade, there are numerous strategies that you can use to enjoy this highly sought-after perk of travelling. Read More 

Canada Travel: 3 Places You Can’t Forget To Visit

1 January 2016
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Most people know that they need to see Niagara Falls when visiting Canada, but what other places in the country should you make sure that you travel to? Here are three of them: 1. The Discovery Islands in British Columbia If you're looking for a hidden gem, then you've found it with the Discovery Islands, which consist of several islands, including Cortes, Maurelle, Quadra and Read Islands. Here, you will find anything imaginable, from lush forests and an endless ocean view to beautiful beaches and majestic mountains. Read More