Need A Limo? Things To Consider

22 August 2017
 Categories: Travel, Blog

Limos are used for a number of reasons - be it a wedding, special occasion, or just getting you to and from the airport in style. Whatever the reason, before you hire a limo, there are a number of things you should consider. See below for things to consider before hiring a limo service for your special event or occasion. 

Limo Types

There are a number of different types of limos you can rent. Anything from a regular sized limo to a stretch SUV. The type of limo you choose depends on your style and your needs. You may need more space if you have a lot of people, such as a wedding party, or you may not need much space at all and only need a town car. Talk to the limo service ahead of time to see what options you have to choose from and let them know ahead of time how many people you will have. For weddings, you may want a little extra space for all those layered gowns and that poofy wedding dress.

Price Packages

Ask about package prices they may offer. Sometimes limo services offer packages such as a certain amount of money for a couple of hours, or a price for to and from the airport. Ask for the pricing packages for your specific event and need. Some packages may include drinks or snacks inside the limo as well, so if you want these types of items included in your package, talk to your limo service.

Limitations And Policies

Some limo services do not want outside food or drinks inside the limo, so ask about these policies ahead of time before attempting to bring a cooler of your favorite drinks inside. Also ask about policies on extra people, just in case you have an extra person wanting to ride along. There may be a charge for that extra person, or they may exceed the number of people you can have inside the limo.

Total Price

At times, the price package you choose may not reflect special considerations, such as if you live down a gravel road or a road with a lot of hills or sharp turns. After giving the exact addresses for your pickup and drop-off location, the price could change, so be sure to ask ahead of time about the total price so you aren't shocked by the price later.

Consider the things above before hiring a limo service for your next special event.