How To Host A Memorable Christmas Family Reunion

24 November 2015
 Categories: Travel, Blog

If you're hosting a Christmas family reunion, you are probably already anticipating that event with both excitement and trepidation—excitement because of the fun you'll be having with people you love but trepidation because you know that you have a lot to do to help your guests have a good time. Here are some ideas that might help you feel less stressed.

House Guests - If you have a large home and not many family members, you've got it made. One idea is to assign a bedroom to each couple who will be staying with you and just putting all the kids in one main area. Don't worry about beds for the kids. Instead, just give each one a pillow and a blanket and let them stretch out on the carpet. They'll think it's totally fun to be together and they'll know that their parents are close by. Think about stocking your refrigerator with foods that your house guests can serve themselves. Not only will that take a load off your shoulders, but they'll probably feel more at home.

Other Lodging - If you have limited space, there are plenty of motels in Canada to fit the needs of your guests. It would be a good idea to make reservations now so there won't be disappointments at the last minute. It's also smart to give your family members choices of hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts that span different price ranges. Do any of your family members have special needs? For example, if a family is traveling with a pet, be sure to find out if pets are welcome. Find out, too, if the place of lodging offers a complimentary breakfast, as that can be a real money saver. One really thoughtful thing to do is to make arrangements with the motel management to allow you to put a fruit basket and some simple Christmas decorations in the room.  Can you imagine how much fun it would be to enter a hotel room and find a tiny Christmas tree on the bedside table? Contact a motel like Deluxe Inn for more information.

The Activities - While your family members will surely love doing traditional activities like baking cookies and Christmas sing-a-longs, think of adding some new fun to the mix. For example, if your group goes to a mall to look at the Christmas decorations and to do some last minute shopping, think of giving out a scavenger hunt list to either individuals or to teams. Some of the things on the list could be obvious, like finding a Santa Claus. However, adding hard-to-find things will make it more of a challenge. Think of how tricky it will be to find all of the things listed in the song The Twelve Days Of Christmas.

Before everybody goes home at the end of the holidays, consider sitting together to plan your next family reunion, as this will be a good time to share ideas of what your group wants to do at your next event.