How to Transport a Cat or Dog with a Cab

19 May 2015
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There are times when you absolutely need to transport a pet via cab. Perhaps you're headed to the airport. Maybe it's an emergency. Many people simply assume there's no way to take a pet by cab, but there is—you just have to plan for it ahead of time. Keep in mind, though, that this advice applies only for domesticated animals such as cats and dogs. Exotic pets or animals considered wild may have different considerations.

Put Small to Medium-Sized Animals in a Carrier

It's always best to put an animal in a carrier if you can. The carrier prevents the animal from getting fur over the interior of the cab driver's vehicle -- and it ensures that the cab driver does not need to worry about an animal roaming through his car. Cats, especially, need to be restricted so that they don't wander into areas of the car that they shouldn't be.

Bring a Blanket with You 

Even if you have a carrier on you, bring a clean blanket to place on the seat of the taxi. Place the carrier on the blanket or, if you have a medium or large sized dog, let your pet sit directly on the blanket. If you bring a blanket that your pet likes, it's likely to calm your pet down for the ride, too.

Muzzle Any Visibly Aggressive Dogs

If your dog tends to bark at strangers, you may want to consider a soft cloth muzzle for the duration of the ride. It shouldn't upset your pet at all, and it will assure the driver that she or he doesn't need to worry about a potential attack! The last thing you want is a nervous driver.

Be Upfront

When you call for a cab, make sure that you specify the animal that you're bringing with you, including its size and how it will be transported. Otherwise they could send a cab that is unsuitable to your needs. Finding the right cab for you might take longer, so expect to wait at least a little.

It's always best to call the cab service well in advance; you don't want to find out that none of their cab drivers are willing to take pets when you're already about to head towards the veterinarian. Sometimes, though, there are emergencies. If you call around enough, you will likely find a cab driver willing. What you should not do is call a cab without mentioning the pet; some cab drivers could be allergic!