Three Ways To Get A Free Room Upgrade During Your Next Hotel Visit

3 February 2016
 Categories: Travel, Blog

Whether you're enjoying a romantic anniversary getaway with your spouse or you're travelling for business and would enjoy a little additional space in which to relax at the end of a long day of meetings, you might be fantasizing about upgrading your hotel room without paying extra. Although the hotel's vacancy rate on the night of your stay will play a role in your ability to get a complimentary room upgrade, there are numerous strategies that you can use to enjoy this highly sought-after perk of travelling. Here are three ideas that anyone can put into place.

Tip Generously Upon Your Arrival

While your ability to get a free hotel room upgrade isn't solely based on how much you tip during your stay at the hotel, there's little question that staff members are highly attentive to guests who tip generously. Make a point of tipping the necessary staff members once you get to the hotel. Depending on the type of hotel, this can include the doorman and the luggage porter soon after your arrival. If you're looking for a last-minute dinner reservation and ask for help from the concierge, be ready to tip for this service, too. Word of your generosity will spread around the lobby, which can help your chances when you're ready to request your upgrade.

Don't Check In Too Early

If you check in as soon as the hotel allows and make your request right away, you have a high chance of being turned down. The issue in this case is that the early hours means several other guests might make last-minute reservations; the hotel rightfully won't want to give away a room for which it could otherwise charge. It's advantageous to check in a little later. If you arrive at the hotel around dinner or shortly thereafter, for example, there's less chance that a flood of guests will book accommodations after you, which can increase your chance of getting the upgrade.

Keep Your Request Quiet

When you're ready to head to the hotel's front desk and ask for your free room upgrade, it's important to remember that discretion is your ally. If you make your request in a loud voice, other newly arriving guests will likely hear what you're saying and might follow your lead. Rather than deal with multiple room upgrade requests, it's far easier for the hotel staff to politely decline your question. Try to approach the front desk when there aren't other hotel guests in the area and always keep your voice low and respectful.

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