3 Strategies To Ensure Satisfaction With Your Fireworks-Watching Vacation

12 November 2015
 Categories: Travel, Blog

Some hotels can offer a fun feature simply because of their location. Many municipalities shoot off fireworks on various holidays, such as Memorial Day, Independence Day and New Year's Eve, and hotels in the area provide wonderful views of the display. If you book the right room at the right establishment, you can watch the show while avoiding the hassle of huge crowds on the street and in parks.

It may seem easy enough to find a city that has scheduled a fireworks display and make a reservation at a hotel there. However, consider some actions to make sure your holiday plan goes smoothly. 

Plan Your Precise Fireworks-Watching Location

Before you make reservations, consider the type of atmosphere in which you'd most enjoy watching fireworks.

For instance, would you like being with a group of other guests appreciating the view from a rooftop or a patio? Does watching the show from a cocktail lounge on the top floor sound fun? Would you rather be able to see the action from your own room or your own private patio, terrace or balcony?

Do you want especially clear views so you can take pictures? You'll need to consider buildings that might be in the way of your photo shoot at specific hotels. You may also have to decide whether it's OK for one particular building to be in all your fireworks images.

Find out whether guests will have a good view from certain parts of the hotel. For instance, you might hope to see the event from the swimming pool area, but some hotels may not offer a decent vantage point from the pool. Even rooftop lounges aren't always suitable if the lounge is on the opposite side of the building from the display. 

Expect Higher Holiday Rates

Expect that these types of hotels may have higher rates on holidays, especially when they can offer spectacular fireworks views. Then you won't be too taken aback by sticker shock and you also won't risk not being able to afford the room. Once you find out the rates for the hotel where you want to stay, you can start setting some money aside if you need to. 

Decide What You'll Do if the Weather Doesn't Cooperate

The main problem with planning for a fireworks-focused vacation is that the weather can force cities to move the display date. What will you do if you schedule your reservation for July 4th and the display is changed to July 5th? Your best bet is to schedule both nights and plan on a two-day hotel stay. Learn about other fun activities in the area besides watching fireworks. 

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